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Chris Alcock
Trainer and coach in
High performance business

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Chris' purpose is to help and guide people in business to improve their performance at an organizational, team and process level and at an individual level.

He provides training to business professionals at all levels, from the “top floor” to the “shop floor”. This is delivered both in the classroom, the workplace, and in coaching settings, through experiential learning adapted to the needs and communication styles of the audience.

Some of the training programmes Chris provides include Lean Six Sigma for operational excellence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for high performing teams.

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Services by Chris Alcock

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Lean coaching and mentoring

Explore your talent

You may already have been on that training course and now you wish to put the learning into practice. A coach or mentor will help you achieve your first successes using your new of expertise.
Chris Alcock can be that coach for you.

Training in Lean Six Sigma

Make a difference

The best run organisations seek high performing processes. These enable your business to do what it does, better, and liberate your teams to focus on changing challenges into opportunities.
Take training in Lean Six Sigma with Chris Alcock to make your next step.

NLP for winning teams

Become better together

NLP provides an innovative way to create a shared team purpose, an identity that drives towards that goal, and aligns values and beliefs to deliver team behaviours that succeed, and continue to succeed.
Ask Chris Alcock for a workshop on NLP and how it can help you achieve more.

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Authentic Testimonials

Jordan St G.

Director of Operations

By far the best trainer I have had the pleasure to meet. Chris has an in-depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma ‎and Project Management and is able to bring the subject to life with humour and enthusiasm. A genuine people person he has that exceptional ability to see thing from multiple vantage points and part this perspective in detail with his students.

Phil L.


I have done two courses with Chris and he is a first class tutor. He doesn't just churn out the material, he applies real thought and enthusiasm to bring it to life using adult learning techniques to what can be some very dry material. The depth and breadth of his knowledge around L6S and experience of deployment in different environments is clearly evident in the ease of which he can see its applications in all industries. As tutor or consultant Chris is 1st class.

Krzysztof B.

Principal Scientist

People say that there are two types of teachers - the type that says "looks how smart I am", and the type that says "look how simple it is". As Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainer Chris certainly belongs to the latter category.
He brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience, passion and talent for making things available and easy to understand. On the top of multitude of already really interesting topics covered in Lean Six Sigma, his Black Belt training contained the most comprehensive and accessible course in statistics I have seen so far. It could take people with various experiences and bring them up to the same level and put them in the same context, and it didn't matter if you started from the very basics or have been using statistics for a while

John B.

Product Development Manager

Chris inherited a real pigs ear of a manufacturing system at his client but with good team building and masses of perseverance produced a really good system for the company If you need this sort support or training I strongly recommend Chris.

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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

+44 (0)7843 708639

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