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Lean coaching and mentoring

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You may already have been on that training course and now you wish to put the learning into practice. A coach or mentor will help you achieve your first successes using your new of expertise.
Chris Alcock can be that coach for you.

Lean coaching: Services


Lean Coaching and business performance improvement all sounds a bit high level, until you see people coming together and solving their own business problems and getting better as a team.
Here are some projects we have worked on.

A team coming together to improve workflows

A startup training company has seen itself grow, an expanding picture of success. And yet everyone is doing a lot of everything, perhaps not linking together as they could, and work isn't flowing as it should. The Chief Operating Officer asked for our help.

The targeted outcomes are for each of the operational roles to 'step into the shoes' of their colleagues to gain a better grasp of how unintentional delays, misunderstandings and 'drag' arises.

To identify key handover points and pain points (waste in the system / bottlenecks).

Agreeing a new joined up process for all and have a team that better understands / sees / hears how their work impacts others positively and vice versa.

Increase the resiliency of the team structure to provide a smoother more effective service to the customer and reduce internal rework and effort levels.

A Value Stream Mapping session was designed to bring together the perceptual positions of the roles.

The results, as with most of these sessions, is better mutual understanding, closer tie ups between members working on the same job, and results that meet the needs of all stakeholders - training clients, owners and perhaps most importantly, the people who do the actual work, for without their coming together, the gains wouldn't happen.

To run a similar project in your organisation, for your team, call us on +44 (0) 7843 708639

Lean coaching: Projects
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